A Centre Of Excellence


Our Process


What do we do?

Nature is full of mysteries. We try to find real-world problem statements and work passively in order to find their solutions.


How do we do it?

Well, everyone is blessed with unique skills. We figure out the capabilities of each individual and combine them to work in conjunction.


How are we unique?

Extensive research and on-field analysis are the key factors to our success. Of course, we have other secret ingredients as well!


About us

A group of dedicated students and faculties who are keenly focused on working towards the betterment of society through technology believing that small steps gradually contribute to bigger and better changes.

Even though we are a research lab, we harbour all domains, technical and non-technical for a complete in-house holistic appraoch towards everything.

Services we offer

App Development

Our next-gen app development ideologies simplifies the business complexities for you as we aim at spending more time at the drawing board in order to get a better understanding of your needs and interests.

Binding technology with solutions to real world problems, is exactly what we provide to your business. We come up with innovative features that extends the domians of e-commerce by putting you in the driver's seat.

Web Solutions

In the era of internet, take your business up a notch with portfolios and e-commerce websites. With digitization in every sector, we strive to develop e-commerce websites that add innovation to your businesses.

We also offer portfolio websites that present your business ideas to the global audience. From Cloud Server Management to Online Storage to Databases, we have all the tricks up our sleeve.

Event Management

We soulfully extend our hands in organizing and managing events. We are always working in the background, ensuring all pieces are working in conjunction so that you can focus on providing value.

We work with you from the beginning stages of planning the event to the live event and post-event reconciliation. Be it a small hackathon, or an international innovation drive, we have been a part of everything.

DL - 7

The best thing about working in an workspace is the excitement of learning something new on a regular basis.

Our team at DL-7 in Computer Science Building always has the opportunity to investigate and learn different kinds of approaches, methods, and techniques.